Jób testamentuma. Bevezetés - fordítás - jegyzetek

Zoltán Adorjáni: Jób testamentuma. Bevezetés - fordítás - jegyzetek. Sapientia Szerzetesi Hittudományi Főiskola Bibliatudományi Tanszékének Kiadványai. Budapest: Sapientia Főiskola 2011. 244 pp. ISBN 9789632364193

The Testament of Job. Introduction - Translation - Critical Notes
The Testament of Job is one of the Old Testament apocrypha or pseudoepigrapha. While this book was not included in either the biblical canon or the deutero-canonical books, this apocryphal composition is strongly related to the biblical Book of Job. The Testament of Job is an important example on the long list of books belonging to the so-called ancient testament genre. The original Greek manuscript of this book was preserved completely and in relatively good condition. This first Hungarian edition of the Testament of Job addressing a larger audience, is based on these original Greek manuscripts.