The Prophetic Book of Jeremiah (II): Chapters 21-52. The Book of Lamentations

The lecture commences with the presentation of chapters 21-52, under the headings: Jeremiah challenges rulers and prophets, the Book of Comfort, the failure of the leadership, Jerusalem after the fall, oracles about the nations and Jerusalem’s fall revisited. This is followed by an investigation carried out as regards to the theological themes of the book, which include: sin as falseness, judgment and salvation, the new covenant, the individual and the Messiah. The rhetorical intention of the book is also addressed. Further topics and questions to be discussed include: the divine warrior, how long is seventy years, Israel’s return to its land and free will.
In terms of Lamentations besides introductory matters, the following theological themes are being discussed: covenant curse and confession of sin, lamentation and bitter suffering, the steadfast love of the Lord, waiting for God and a comforter.