On the three major feasts of the ecclesiastical year, Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, theology students carry out legation ministry in various churches in Transylvania and Partium. The legation serves three purposes. (1) It is part of the practical training at the university. The ministers of local churches provide feedback on the legation ministries, which allows the monitoring of the preparation of each student for pastoral ministry. (2) The legation ministry of theology students personalizes and strengthens the relationship between the Theological Institute and the supporting local churches. (3) The donations collected during the legation of theological students help them to complete and finance their studies.

Administration of legation services

Legation services provided by students will be administered on the Studium platform, together with other internships at the Institute. Feedback from ministers involved in the legation ministry is also managed on this platform.

Regulations related to the Legion Services

The Legation Code of Practice is available at this link.