Master in Theology - Lutheran Profile

Master in Theology is a degree focusing on students planning to work in the Lutheran church, or institutions related to this church. The programme has a double purpose. On the one hand, it offers advanced levels of correlating theological knowledge with practice, equipping students with the necessary background to perform their future work in the above mentioned institutions. On the other hand, it also offers limited possibilities to acquire a deeper knowledge in one of the freely elected subjects in any field of the theology to perform individual or collective scientific research.

Learning outcomes of study programme

  • Preach and teach the Christian faith in an irenic manner;
  • perform cultic rituals;
  • plan and elaborate a reasoned discourse based on sacred texts;
  • assert correctly the doctrine and moral norms of the denomination / church;
  • provide effective pastoral care and counselling for individuals and communities;
  • critically analyse and interpret data related to the history of the denomination / church, as well as other religions;
  • pursue individual and collective research pertaining to different fields of theology;
  • work in a multidisciplinary team on various hierarchical levels, respecting the principles of faith;
  • organise and administer effectively the community of a denomination / church;
  • create a strategic plan for continuous professional development by updating learning content, keeping abreast of information technology and deepening competences in foreign languages.

Employment opportunities

The programme provides training for employment in the following areas: parish minister; teacher of religion in secondary schools, high schools and higher education; youth minister; hospital chaplain; prison chaplain; missionary worker; ecclesiastical counsellor; counsellor of diaconal, missionary and educational institutions; researcher in the domain of theology.