The original profile of YHWH is a much-discussed issue of research, YHWH being defined mostly as either an El-like or a Baal-like deity. Scholars are investigating older texts of the Hebrew Bible that might reflect relevant imagery. The Book of Hosea is a neglected corpus in this discussion. However, the book contains North-Israelite traditions and concepts from the 8th century BCE that preserve and reflect an earlier stage of the YHWH-cult. If the imagery of the book could be traced back to a single, fundamental god-type, that could be a hint at the original character of YHWH.

The interpretation of Exodus 4:24-26 is very controversial. Scholars have treated this text from various viewpoints on the basis of divergent methods or approaches. Two fundamental problems cause uncertainty about the origin and meaning of this text. One problem has to do with the nature of Exod 4:24–26. Another problem is the identity of the persons mentioned in Exod 4:24–26. This book arranges forty-two documented interpretations under each approach or approaches, presenting the view of each scholar proposing his/her interpretation of Exodus 4:24–26 in chronological order.

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