The Book of Genesis/Bereshit. Themes in Genesis/Bereshit: God’s Temple-City, the Royal Lineage, the Blessing of the Nations, the Forfeiture of the Paradise Land, the Loss of the Edenic Environment and the Faith of Abram/Abraham

The present lecture begins with a treatment of such introductory matters as the authorship, title, date, structure and literary features concerning the final form of Genesis/Bereshit. The current and the following lectures, while concentrating on the exploration of the various sources and building blocks of the Torah/Pentateuch, also centre upon the analysis and literary function of the various themes of the Torah/Pentateuch. These themes often overlap as regards to the sources and various building blocks of the Torah/Pentateuch, by means of which the author(s)/editor(s)/redactor(s)/compiler(s)/writer(s) provide(s) a more holistic picture of the final composition of the Torah/Pentateuch. This aim of the lecture presentations, namely the thematic overview of the Torah/Pentateuch, is undeniably curtailed by the paradigm that neither the separate parts and/or sources should be overlooked for the sake of the whole nor the whole for the sake of the separate parts and/or sources of the Torah/Pentateuch. The lecture explores five important themes in the book of Genesis/Bereshit. The first theme is God’s temple-city in Genesis/Bereshit. The second theme is concerned with the royal lineage in Genesis/Bereshit. The third theme, namely the blessing of the nations, commences with an evaluation of Genesis/Bereshit 4-11, which chapters give an account of repercussions of the tragic events that happened in the garden of Eden. The fourth theme is concerned with the forfeiture of the paradise land and the loss of the Edenic environment, while the fifth theme with the faith of Abraham.