By this stage the students should have read the first one-hundred and eighteen pages of J. Maxwell Miller’s and John H. Hayes’ book entitled A History of Ancient Israel and Judah and the following biblically related novel in Hungarian, namely the third and fourth volume of Thomas Mann’s tetralogy Joseph und seine Brüder [Joseph and His Brothers; József és testvérei], namely Joseph in Ägypten [Joseph in Egypt; József Egyiptomban] and Joseph, der Ernährer [Joseph the Provider; József a kenyéradó]. The students are also expected to present their handwritten notes that they have prepared in the process of reading the aforementioned books and the handwritten notes that they have prepared while reading the books of the Torah/Pentateuch in Hungarian. Furthermore, based on the knowledge accumulated from reading the abovementioned novel, the students are expected to present an essay titled: The mature Joseph and his faith in the God of the Fathers. The length of the essay ought not to be over two thousand words, excluding footnotes. The essay may receive thirty points at the most.