Overview of the Erasmus+ mobility for the academic year 2014-2015

The final data for the first year of the Erasmus+ mobility testify for a successful start of the program.

The University has been assigned 80.520 EUR in Erasmus+ subsidies, facilitating the excange of 47 mobilities in collaboration with the partner institutions.

The University applied for 34 mobilities, the goal reached in the end was 47 mobilities. Attaining this higher number was possible through assinging a 2 months period for Erasmus practice programme instead of 4 months. In total we have had 11 student mobilities, 22 Erasmus practice mobilities, 8 educational staff mobilities and 6 administrative staff mobility. The contacts with institutions from Hungary were the most intensive, but universities from Slovakia and The Netherlands were also among the receiving institutions.

Our Institute hosted 7 students from Hungary and teachers and administrative staff from Hungary, Slovakia and The Netherlands. In view of the size of the Institute, these numbers should be considered as exceptionally postive.