György Papp

In 13th chapter of the Book I of his Institutes Calvin makes a reference to Chrysostom’s five homilies, which were composed against the sect of anomoians. The purpose of this short paper is the analysis of this reference. In the first part we present the context of the reference, namely the demonstration of the essential unity of the Triune God. In the following section we discuss the anomoian heresy and we try to unfold to which passages from the homilies of Chrysostom Calvin referred.

If we compare the Chrysostom-quotations found in the 1559 edition of Calvin’s Institutes with the original Greek texts by John Chrysostom we encounter significant textual differences. Concerning the doctrine of free will there are about 10 quotations of or references to Chrysostom in the Institutes, and in most cases Calvin puts these in unfavourable light.


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