First and Second Samuel: Prophecy, Kingship, the Beginnings of the Monarchy in Ancient Israel, the Rise and Demise of the Saulide Dynasty and the Rise of the Davidic Dynasty

The lecture endeavours to offer an informative elaboration as to the rise of Israelite prophecy in the person of Moses, its development and character in the person of Samuel and its interrelationship with the understanding and interpretation of Israelite national history. The Shilohaite sanctuary theology and the Elide priestly clan are also touched upon, with a specific focus on the Ark of the Covenant accounts. The beginnings of Israelite kingship and its monarchic institution is also addressed, with a particular focus on the Saulide and Davidic Dynasties. Further topics to be discussed include: the evil spirit of God, Saul’s séance, Abner’s death and possible inscriptional references to David (Tel Dan Stela, Moabite Stone and Mesha Stela and Sheshonq’s topographical list). The lecture concludes with the exploration of key themes in the books of Samuel.