Botond Koppándi has obtained his PhD

The research conducted within the Doctoral School of the Reformed University of Debrecen focuses on the New Homiletic movement in the United States. Presentation and defence of the thesis took place on 14 November 2016.

Title of dissertation: The "New Homiletic" movement and the renewal of the American Protestant preaching. Supervisors: Dr. Károly Fekete, Dr. Elek Rezi.

This research assesses leading personalities of the New Homiletic movement, namely Fred Craddock, David Buttrick, Eugene Lowry, Thomas Long, Lucy Rose, David Randolph, providing a comprehensive look at their homiletical views appearing in various books and studies, presenting at the same time a criticism of these opinions. The researcher's obvious aim is to contribute to the discussions around the renewal of homiletic thought and preaching within a Transylvanian context.

The presentation of the thesis was followed by an intense dispute between the candidate and the members of the doctoral school. The exhaustive answers of Botond testified to a deep knowledge of the subject under scrutiny. The PhD thesis was awarded the qualification summa cum laude and can be accessed through this link.