Liturgy II

The students will learn the History of sacred spaces, the sacred architecture, the professional orientation in sacred spaces and the service in such places and buildings. They learn and experience the organizing and leading of church services in the Reformed Church in every life - situation, and they competently cooperate with the pastors of other denominations.


Specific competences

The students will be able to discern the sacred space from the profane space, become able to orientate themselves and to lead a liturgy in given circumstances (any sacred space, any crucial moment of life. They develop their organizing and leading skills together with their analyzing and synthesizing abilities.

General competences

The students become capable to minister on their own and develop themselves as a decision-maker, because they can grip and understand the Reformed Church's liturgy, they meet the expectations of the theological and practical demands of it.

Total estimated time

Classroom study Course Seminar Practice
2 hours/week 2 0 0
28 hours/semester 28 0 0
Individual study Hours/sem
Total estimated time 103
Studying course notes and bibliography 56
Further documentation in libraries, electronic platforms, or on the field 10
Preparing essays, papers, or documentation 7
Personal tutoring 2
Total individual study 75


The students work in team and they have to create and to perform an accurately detailed liturgy for a feast or for a celebration. They have to hand it in as a written text and before the service starts. They have to monitor everything that happens and they have to articulate on that in writing.Finally they sum up what they have experienced and they have articulate what competences have been achieved and their liturgical concept.