Catechesis II

Catechesis II builds organically on the topics learnt during Catechesis I, now the students will learn to use all the general knowledge in each age group, in the meantime they become able to create timetables, class-plans, efficient teaching and to articulate their understanding about teaching, learning and education.


Specific competences

Using the knowledge learnt in this semester, the students will be able to plan from kindergarten to adult training the time-based and theme-based curriculum of the classes, they can make the plan for the class itself for Bible-classes, catechism classes and religion classes at school. During the planning they select professionally among the teaching methods and tools enhancing the efficiency of the class.

General competences

The students in this semester master the teaching methods based on the constructive pedagogy's perspective and will be able to face any non-secular teaching situation. They will be able to work alone, in team and to use the cooperative learning method.

Total estimated time

Classroom study Course Seminar Practice
4 hours/week 2 2 0
56 hours/semester 28 28 0
Individual study Hours/sem
Total estimated time 131
Studying course notes and bibliography 56
Further documentation in libraries, electronic platforms, or on the field 10
Preparing essays, papers, or documentation 7
Personal tutoring 2
Total individual study 75


At a pre-appointed time each student will hand in an essay or a notice about a book in the topic they have learned about, they write an educational plan,a class plan, they teach in a class of a pre-defined age group, finally they have a written and an oral exam where they prove that they master the learned issues.