Catechesis I

In the first semester the students will get to know their own psychological progress and recognize their skills, abilities and limits in teaching and education. Furthermore they will learn the basic vocabulary of personal psychology, of developmental psychology and of education theory, they will adopt the constructive pedagogy's point of view and they will master to use it in ecclesiastical circumstances.


Specific competences

By the knowledge gathered in the area of developmental and personal psychology together with pedagogy, the students will be able to estimate the cognitive and psychical skills of the children, who take part in catechesis, and to measure the level of their knowledge. They will be able to select the accurate amount of subject-matter for each class and to decide by which method will they proceed the teaching and learning.

General competences

The students will be able to present a model behavior in every situation of the catechesis and to teach the knowledge about the Bible according to the previous intention.

Total estimated time

Classroom study Course Seminar Practice
4 hours/week 2 2 0
56 hours/semester 28 28 0
Individual study Hours/sem
Total estimated time 131
Studying course notes and bibliography 56
Further documentation in libraries, electronic platforms, or on the field 10
Preparing essays, papers, or documentation 7
Personal tutoring 2
Total individual study 75


The students will hand in an essay or a notice about a book with relates the topic they have learnt. Everybody will lead a Bible-teaching class to an age group they have decided. At the end of the first semester they have a summary form written and oral exam.