Opening the academic year 2019/2020

Dezső Kállay, the rector of the Theological Institute, opened the new academic year with a traditional theological discourse. During the opening ceremony the students admitted to the first year took their oath. The institute will start the new year with 162 students.

The new academic year started on Sunday, September 22. Traditionally, the event began with a speech of the rector. This time he held a treatise about the nature of faith, examining one of the basic concepts of the Christian tradition. Faith, as an act (fides qua credur) and as content (fides quae credur), is a central topic in Protestant theology. But it is also the subject of constant debate in every community in which Christians live together. The rector encouraged the students to persist on the path of faith in the following academic year. He also encouraged the teachers of the Institute to not only teach scholarship, but also instruct students how to walk on the path of faith.

The opening speech was followed by the oath of the new students from the first year. The new academic year begins with 26 new students (tutor: Edit Somfalvi).

During the opening ceremony the mixed choir of the Institute sang the traditional Gaudeamus.