Opening the academic year 2017-2018

The new academic year started Sunday morning with an opening church service, being followed in the afternoon by the opening ceremony. 31 new students made their vow and committed themselves to prepare for the service of the church.

The opening service was led by Sándor Gáll, representative minister of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District based on a text from Matthew 13:1-17.

Dezső Kállay, the rector of the Theological Institute opened the new academic year with a brief discourse entitled Interpretation and the meaning of the Scripture. He sketched the path before a theological student engaged with the discovery of the meaning of the Bible. He endorsed the students to aim to learn everything, to read everything within their reach, and as they progress in their knowledge, learn to be selective with their reading. (The full text of the rector's speech is available at this link).

The new year started with an increased number of students. In the academic year of 2017–2018, 31 new students began their study. By this the total number of students has become 169. In comparison to the previous years: Reformed Church District of Transylvania -- 89 (+1), Reformed Church District of Királyhágómellék -- 48 (+7), Hungarian Unitarian Church -- 28 (+0), Romanian Lutheran Church -- 4 (+2).

The new academic year also brought major changes with respect to the study program of the 2nd year masters students. From the current year, MA 2 students will follow an intensive internship program in various local churches, working under the guidance of ministers as their mentors, according to a well-defined bilateral cooperation agreement. By this new development the university wishes to increase the relevant practical skills of future ministers, and by so doing bridge the gap between the study period and the church practice.

With respect to the academic staff, Dr. György Papp has begun his activity as the new teacher of biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek. Attila Kelemen, teacher of practical theology and coordinator of the former internship programs, retreats after 27 years of service at the university.

The meeting was closed as usual with the festive moment of the vows ceremony of the 31 first year students.