News and announcements

2023 March 27 ∙ 09:28 ∙ 1 year ago

If March, then Tavaszy-days (Spring Days) at the Protestant Theological Institute in Cluj-Napoca. True, it was only the second birthday of a theological conference bearing the name of the philosopher-theologian born 135 years ago, but it was as if we were on a well-travelled express train, almost bordering on time travel, wandering through familiar - and especially unfamiliar - landscapes.

2023 February 18 ∙ 07:50 ∙ 1 year ago

PTI launched its institutional revitalisation programme in 2021. The Open Day, part of this programme held on 17 February 2023, was attended by 44 high school students (39 Reformed and 5 Unitarian) from Arad to Cristuru Secuiesc, from Satu Mare to Turda and Târgu Mureș.

2023 February 17 ∙ 18:27 ∙ 1 year ago

At the meeting of the Faculty Council of the Protestant Theological Institute of Kolozsvár held on February 16, 2023, Dr. Jenő Kiss, a Reformed theological professor, was elected as the dean of the faculty for the 2023-2024 term.

2022 November 24 ∙ 18:23 ∙ 1 year ago

On November 22nd, 2022, in the Aula of the Protestant Theological Institute, Szabolcs Ferencz Kató's book titled "When the Rooster Crows..." was presented. The book was professionally reviewed by Éva Éles, a Reformed minister, associate staff at PTI, and a doctoral student at the Reformed Theological University of Debrecen.

2022 November 11 ∙ 18:05 ∙ 1 year ago

On November 10th, 2022, at Villa Ybl in Budapest, a festive event took place where professor Zoltán Adorjáni was honoured for his activity in the field of Protestant theology.

2022 October 15 ∙ 08:34 ∙ 1 year ago

At its meeting on 14 October 2022, the Senate of the Protestant Theological Institute validated the election results of 11 October. Accordingly, the rector of the Institute for the period 2022-2024 will be Professor Dr. Sándor Kovács.

2022 August 26 ∙ 10:30 ∙ 1 year ago

On 23 August 2022, the College of Doctors of the Reformed Church in Hungary conferred the title of Golden Ring Doctor of Theology on Sándor Béla Visky, Professor of the Protestant Theological Institute in Cluj-Napoca, for his outstanding work in the field of Reformed theological scholarship.

2022 June 11 ∙ 10:26 ∙ 2 years ago

On 10 June 2022, an ordination assembly was held in the Reformed Church District of Királyhágómellék (Western Transylvania), in Hegyközszentmiklós. Nine assistant ministers, including eitght former students of the Protestant Theological Institute took the pastoral vows.

2022 March 30 ∙ 09:26 ∙ 2 years ago

On 29 March 2022, representatives of the Centre for Protestant Theology in Eastern Europe (ZETO) by Gerhard Servatius-Depner, pastor of Mediaș and Dr. András Bándi, church historian and archivist of the diocesan archives visited the Protestant Theological Institute. The aim of the event was to strengthen the relationship between our institutions and to develop a strategic partnerships.

2021 December 28 ∙ 18:25 ∙ 2 years ago

At its meeting on 28 December 2021, the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Romania (ARACIS) awarded the Protestant Theological Institute of Cluj-Napoca an "outstanding" rating.