News and announcements

2021 September 22 ∙ 11:38 ∙ 2 years ago

On 21 September, the first meeting of the new academic year was held with the mentors of the MA internship programme to be launched this year. Unlike in previous years, this event was held online, with the virtal presence of mentors and teachers involved in the programme.

2021 September 20 ∙ 19:21 ∙ 2 years ago

The Protestant Theological Institute of Cluj-Napoca started a new academic year on Sunday, September 19. The new year starts with 15 new undergraduate students and a total of 139 students. Programme is planned with regular physical attendance.

2021 July 19 ∙ 15:25 ∙ 2 years ago

In accordance with the decision of the Committee, beginning with the academic year 2021-2022, the position of lecturer in Unitarian theology will be filled by Dr. Csaba Tódor. The subjects covered include: Unitarian Encyclopaedia, Unitarian Confessional Knowledge, Modern Philosophy, Unitarian Dogmatics, Philosophy of Religion, Social Ethics.

2021 July 17 ∙ 15:58 ∙ 2 years ago

On 15-16 July 2021, at their fourth meeting in Illyefalva, representatives of the Transylvanian Reformed churches and the teachers of the PTI evaluated the present and future of education for ministry.

2021 July 01 ∙ 18:52 ∙ 2 years ago

In 2021 the Protestant Theological Institute of Cluj-Napoca will participate again in the external institutional evaluation (due every five years). During this re-evaluation an official commission appointed by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS) will carry out a detailed external assessment of the institution and its undergraduate programme (BA).

2021 April 16 ∙ 16:01 ∙ 3 years ago

In the social sciences section of the Scientific Conference of Hungarian Students, in the subgroups of religious sciences and theology, PTI students returned with five awards.

2020 October 27 ∙ 20:20 ∙ 3 years ago

The meeting of the theological section of the 23rd Scientific Conference of Students in Transylvania took place on Friday, October 23. In the theological section six students presented the results of their research to the online forum, organised in the Zoom space. The following studies were presented in the section:

2020 September 21 ∙ 22:10 ∙ 3 years ago

On Sunday afternoon, September 20, 2020, the new academic year opened in a ceremonial setting. In place of the twenty-three graduated master’s students twenty-four newly admitted BA students enter the gates of the theological faculty.

2020 March 08 ∙ 20:35 ∙ 4 years ago

On March 5-6, under the leadership of youth pastor Árpád Sógor, the first- and second-year Reformed and Unitarian students embarked on a congregation-visiting tour within the Maros and Küküllő regions, as part of their practical course of Contextual congregational knowledge. The purpose of the practice was to familiarise themselves with the congregations in Transylvania.

2020 February 28 ∙ 13:51 ∙ 4 years ago

In his meeting of 27 February 2020, the Senate of the Protestant Theological Institute validated the results of the election organised on 25 February 2020. The new rector elected for the period 2020-2024 is professor dr. Vilmos József Kolumbán.