News and announcements

2013 July 15 ∙ 13:25 ∙ 9 years ago

This latest issue of Studia Doctorum Theologiae Protestantis contains studies with different topics from the field of theology. The authors of the articles are the teachers and other staff of the Institute.

2013 July 01 ∙ 22:52 ∙ 9 years ago

During this solemn festivity twenty reformed and two lutheran students took an oath concerning their future service in the church. From september, the graduates will start their work in the local congregations.

2013 July 01 ∙ 22:22 ∙ 9 years ago

In the academic year 2012-2013 two professors from Switzerland and The Netherlands have given their personal theological libraries as a gift to the Theological Institute.

2013 July 01 ∙ 22:11 ∙ 9 years ago

The National Scientific Student Society of Hungary has awarded the Pro Scientia gold medal among several other eminent students to Szabolcs Ferencz Kató, student of the Protestant Theological Institute.

2013 April 12 ∙ 22:55 ∙ 9 years ago

On the biannual conference organised in Kaposvár by the National Scientific Student Society of Hungary Szabolcs Ferencz Kató presented a paper in religious studies with a specific focus on the Old Testament.

2013 March 23 ∙ 09:32 ∙ 9 years ago

On the 22nd of March 2013, the Senate of the Institute validated the results of the application exam for the position of lecturer at the Department of Systematic Theology. Dr. Béla Visky shall teach ethics at the Institute.

2012 December 04 ∙ 11:02 ∙ 10 years ago

The 22 men and 4 women new students were presented to the academic community in a pledge-ceremony on Sunday in the afternoon.

2012 December 04 ∙ 08:54 ∙ 10 years ago

The eve of the appearance of Brueggeman's Theology of the OT in Hungarian translation was marked by a series of important lectures presented by international scholars.

2012 March 05 ∙ 22:27 ∙ 10 years ago

A 66. életévét betöltött ünnepeltet először a Kolozsvári Protestáns Teológiai Intézet rektora, dr. Rezi Elek köszöntötte. Laudációt mondott dr. Pásztori-Kupán István, a rendszeres teológiai tanszék vezető tanára.