The Book of Habakuk

The current research project focuses on the Book of Habakkuk, providing a Hungarian commentary on the Hebrew text of this prophetic book. This biblical book was composed during the Neo-Babylonian period, a very significant transitional era in the history of formation of the Old Testament. This research goes beyond offering a mere philological satisfaction for a reader dealing with an ancient text and also highlights the book’s existential topics, such as social justice and its ultimate survival in a world wounded by oppression and arrogance. The last significant Hungarian commentary to appear on Habakkuk was published in 1930. The current exegesis provides a new Hungarian translation of Habakkuk as well as its ancient versions, and a detailed commentary on its text which includes philological analysis, overview of the historical background, literary-, form- and redaction critical analysis, as well as a theological assessment of the prophetic message, taking into account the latest scholarly literature on this book.

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