Biserica și Iudaismul

Biserica și Iudaismul. Kolozsvár: Kolozsvári Protestáns Teológiai Intézet
Tuesday, 2013, Noiembrie 19 - 10:15

The covenant of grace has long been exerting its effect particularly among the Jewish people. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has brought a significant change in this situation. The covenant of grace has been widened so as to include the non-jewish people as well. In Ephesians 2:11-22 Paul talks about the breaking down of "the middle wall of partition". This lecture seeks to answer what that exactly means and what the consequences are of Paul's theological view. What had been the situation before and in what sense has it changed after the wall has fallen down? What is the place of the Jews following the breaking of this wall. The unity of the church of Jews and Christians is provided by the single fundament of the apostles and prophets of which Jesus Christ is the foremost cornerstone.