Linguistic Analysis of Biblical Hebrew

Groom, Sue: Linguistic Analysis of Biblical Hebrew. Carlisle: Paternoster Press 2003. 207 pag. ISBN 1842271644

Many linguistic tools and methods are applied to biblical texts in order to gain meaning from them. Such applications do not always take into account the perspective of the investigators, the presuppositions of the method used and the nature of the material to which it is applied. These are all factors that influence the meaning obtained from the text. Sue Groom takes us through the pitfalls and limitations of the various methods available and considers textual transmission, diachronic and dialectical variation and the impact these have on the relationship between reader, author and text. Combining a critical account of long established approaches to Hebrew meanings with a lucid introduction to newer and more recent methods such as lexical semantics and text linguistics, this illuminating read will be of interest to those who have previously studied Hebrew as well as those who know no Hebrew or would like to start somewhere.